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North Stifford Village

Davy Down - Stifford Pumping Station

The dominant Stifford Pumping Station buildings were built in 1926-27 to house large diesel engines which provided the power to extract water from a 42 metre deep borehole in the chalk below.

Water is still being extracted today using a modern electric pump.

Stifford water treatment works is supplying customers in the Thurrock area again following a £2.5 million modernisation programme in 2007.

The treatment works, which is based at Davy Down, North Stifford, is now supplying water to the taps of around 45,000 customers in Thurrock including North Stifford, Chafford Hundred, South Stifford and Grays.

The work included the refurbishment of the filter house and water tower.  The water treatment process has also been automated and improved, using state-of-the-art technology.

This project is an important part of Essex & Suffolk Water’s resource strategy as the works supplies 3-4 million litres of water per day. Stifford water treatment works was developed in the 1920s and first became operational in 1928.

Many of the pumping station’s original featured have survived to the present day including two massive Sulzer diesel engines once used to drive the pumps.

Although no longer operational, these engines are on display in the Davy Down visitor centre at the site.

A spokesman for Essex & Suffolk Water said: “This work will help retain the high quality water supply that the customers of Essex & Suffolk Water have received for many years.”

“The works are an important part of securing the water supply for residents in the Thurrock area for future generations.”