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Marjorie was born in 1911 in Berwick on Tweed of Irish/Scottish stock, the daughter of a Company Sergeant Major Charles Wilson, who was killed at the Battle of Mons on 23rd August 1914, just 2 weeks after Britain entered WW1.

She grew up in Dublin and Liverpool, together with 1 sister and 3 brothers by her widowed mother, but moved to Romford just before WW2 to follow in her elder sisters footsteps to train as a nurse, and then midwife at Oldchurch Hospital.

In 1945 she became the District Nurse and Midwife for Aveley,   Initially carrying out her rounds at all hours of the day and night, winter and summer on a bicycle, complete with the obligatory basket (a bit like the Call the Midwife TV programme but without the Nuns). Many years later she was provided with a Morris Minor car. She stayed in Aveley for all of her career until her retirement.

Marjorie lived in Stifford Road, Aveley, opposite Aveley School, with her widowed mother Maud who is buried in Aveley church yard. There was a ‘District Nurse’ plaque on the front door, and the phone rang at all hours of the day and night. She would go off on her bicycle for several hours, and return later having delivered another baby.

Aveley Party

Aveley Clinic Xmas Party

Aveley Staff and Scott Retirement

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Aveley Staff and Scott Retirement

Billy Phillips

Ann Creedon

Christopher Pavitt

Janice Skilton

Marjorie Wilson

District Nurse and Midwife covering mostly Aveley and Stifford in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Marjorie and her mother were part of the Roman Catholic community so some photos accompanying this article may have been taken at RC Church functions.

On her retirement Marjorie moved to NE Essex to be nearer her sister and her family.  She died in 1994.

The following photographs and captions are from Marjorie’s photograph album and have been kindly donated to the website by her family. The photos of children were send to Nurse Wilson by the mothers of children she had delivered. She never married, and looked upon the children she helped to deliver as her extended family.

If anyone recognises themselves in these pictures, and would prefer their image not to be published, please contact me and I will remove it.

Daily Herald 1956

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