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Beekeeper Paul Savvides

The first recorded human beekeepers lived in Spain about 6,000 BC. and beekeeping is a traditional which has been carried on in North Stifford for centuries.

We desperately need more people to take up beekeeping. In the western world our population of bees has been slowly declining for many years. Bees are under threat from modern farming methods, pesticides, various diseases, and the parasitic Vorroa mite which has been imported from Asia.

Without our honeybees to pollinate them, many crops would fail - but these wonderful creatures need a little help from their friends.

Your reward will be lots of jars of your own lovely home produced honey.

If you are interested in keeping bees and would like to carry on this ancient tradition, Paul Savvides will be pleased to give you a free introduction to beekeeping.

He will let you look inside a working beehive and he runs free beekeeping classes.

Contact Paul the Beekeeper Telephone: 01708 670665 or 07837 021955

Email pest-control@hotmail.co.uk

Paul’s apiary is situated in a North Stifford orchard, but a reasonably sized garden is sufficient to accommodate a beehive.

Very interesting articles about bees can be found here Ultimate Guide to British Bees and www.britishbee.org.uk

Conquer fear of bees or wasps