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North Stifford Village

A farewell message from Andy,

our very popular village Postie, as he re-locates to Hadleigh.

Hi everyone,

My full name is Andrew Savvides. My surname is Greek Cypriot as my father is a Greek Cypriot. I’m afraid I don’t speak any Greek, but I do love going to the country.

I’ve been the village Postman for the last 10 years or so.  I started my time with Royal Mail after I left school back in August 1980, when I became a Telegram boy working out of George Street Post Office in Grays on a small motorcycle. I spent my first two years there where I had some lovely happy memories. When I was 18 years old I moved on to the Grays sorting office in Hogg lane to become a full-time postman.  I spent my first few years on all different rounds till I eventually took up Lodge Lane as my permanent round. I stayed there for nearly 20 years.   

Then I moved over to North Stifford village, which I must say was the best move I’ve ever made.  Such a lovely place with such lovely people.   It has been a pleasure delivering the post in the village. It has always reminded me of the TV series ‘Midsummer murders’ but thankfully without the murders.  

I’ve got to know so many people, not just as customers, but many also became friends.  I will always remember and cherish my time in the village.  

I’ve now moved on to Hadleigh, Benfleet, near Southend and I’ve decided to go to the small sorting office which is in walking distance to my home (a bungalow, which I share with my lovely wife Pamela).  

I met my wife back in 1982. We have four grown up children, three boys; Michael, Robert and Terry, and my daughter Katie.  We also have seven grandchildren, six girls and one boy.

It is sad that I am leaving the village but I feel the travelling is a bit too much.  I will be able to just walk to work, go part time and reduce my hours in the new office.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank so many of the village people who have bought me cards, presents, gifts, of all shapes and sizes, with very, very touching words thanking me for the service I’ve done.  It’s honestly been my pleasure helping out and doing what I can, when I can, for each and every one of you.  So from the bottom of my heart thank you all for just being you.  I will always remember you.

Best wishes and above all I wish you all good health.

Kind regards,


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I know he doesn’t look that old, but this is a young Andy on a penny farthing bicycle at ye olde Lakeside Shoppes (circa1890)!

Andy’s last day Saturday 30th November 2019